Women are Sacred – Not Disposable,

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Insulted from the people who moved into our reserve, whom did not learn the teachings or positive teachings on sacredness. Men who rape should become banished, removed from our reserve forever. Their possessions and personal property stripped and given to the victim, or family of victim (if deceased). Clan Mothers of each Big House carry the Word of Law within Coast Salish Territory, if they don’t know our word of law – they are not Clan Mothers of the Big House. Simple as that! They are phony and they bastardize our cultural laws and way of life. If they are not the granddaughter of the Clan Mother they don’t know our word of laws. They follow patriarchy, when we are a Matriarchy Society. Rape is Wrong and should NOT be handled with kid gloves any more? How many native girls got raped in the last four years in Cowichan? Hundreds! Get rid of men who rape! They are sick in the head and there is no cure or rehabilitative programs to make him right? Sexual deviancy is a preference, not an illness and there is NO CURE!!! Remove them from our lands so our girls/children/women are safe! They should not be allowed in the longhouses either, after they rape! Get our Cultural Ways Right around here! We permit added psychological and emotional damage to the victim, if we don’t make it right. Who in their right mind forgives a violent rapist? Nobody. Don’t get our cultural laws backwards here! I realize, the justice system is backwards to our cultural laws when it comes to women. Its time to make it right! Word of Laws are taught from grandmother to granddaughtrer, I am a granddaughter of a Clan Mother. Banish men who rape! Heal our Women, Heal our Nation. Those cultural laws existed for over 10,000 years for a reason! Because no woman or female can walk around in the same community as the rapist when the justice system gives them a slap on the hand! When a woman is brutally raped, it causes great trauma to the victim and her family. We are Self-Governing, act like it! Remove rapists now! Maybe part of it is the fault of residential school, but then we’d have a whole nation of rapists right! We don’t…many men who were raped in residential school did not walk out of the school a violent rapist. There is no comparative analysis to prove it right or wrong right now. But, rape is rape! No program across Canada can heal them, or make them right! They will rape again. Remove Them Now. For the love of your mother, sister, grandmother, and granddaughters, lets bring respect and sacred back into the laws surrounding our women. Banish Men Who Rape! Aho „Please donate“ Women are Sacred not Disposable; http://www.gofundme.com/letmespeak


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