Native Women Campaigning for Human Rights in North America

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Your support is needed now – lets make $2500. for an All Aboriginal Women’s Public Forum

We need your support for an Aboriginal Women’s Public forum – our lands are up for Auction without the Consent of Heirs to Estates; both BC Aboriginal Affairs Lands and Band Offices Lands Administration do not have consent from the Original Heirs of Estates…Read More

Support, care and donate! Reconciliation for Word of law.

Justice entanglement from Canada and First Nations Women; „Women’s legal status as First nations citizens could be unilaterally and irrevocably stolen by federal legislation that allowed their fathers or husbands to make decisions on their behalf. This…Read More

Women are Sacred – Not Disposable,

Insulted from the people who moved into our reserve, whom did not learn the teachings or positive teachings on sacredness. Men who rape should become banished, removed from our reserve forever. Their possessions and personal property stripped and given to the…Read More

Let Me Speak….Stop Racism – its time to Revise Policy and Legislation to stop the Violence Against Aboriginal Women Now! This event is for Aboriginal Women to come and speak about issues they feel are important today! With full media attention, with recording and transcription. We are not where close to the goal and need your support to…Read More

How can the country of Canada permit or allow so many heinous crimes against Native Women?

Is the Inquiry for Show – will we find justice for the Many and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada? Will there be closure? Why did it take so long?

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