It is neither a capitalist problem nor a socialist one, it is a patriarchal problem of domination.

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The problem can no longer be pushed to capitalism or socialism. It is a patriarchal problem of domination. Capitalism is a patriarchal manner of profit-oriented economic activity.

It is the patriarchy with its inherent claim to (male) superiority and (male) dominance, which the religious founders deeply anchored in their dogmas. Dominance can also be exercised without capitalism, as has been seen in the so-called socialist governments. The claim to supremacy and domination includes the excessive effects such as greed and mania.

As long as one assumes the solution in a dominant governmental counter-concept, which also corresponds to the general approach of patriarchal activity, one can not find a new conception of social organization.
Domination is not a social concept and does not function independently and without society. But society can work without domination.

Therefore, it would be absolutely necessary to remember the pre-patriarchal and primary cultures, or to look more closely at the social functioning of the matriarchies that still exist.
These matriarchal societies are without domination and governments and operate according to empathic, social, ecological, generative and intergenerational conservation principles.

These empathic, social, ecological, generative and intergenerational conservation principles are split off in patriarchal societies.

It is time not to blindly follow the patriarchal authorities, but to carefully act in the name of the next generation. For here the ecological principles should be respected, and the differences were seen as supplements and not as unilateral claims.

The so-called progress proves to be a progressive environmental destruction and the accumulation of waste and garbage.

It is no longer about emancipation over nature and transformation of nature in goods, but about the conservation of nature and integration into natural cycles.



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